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Education Facilities Available in Gadchiroli District

Government is taking keen interest to up-grade the educational standard of the district. Primary school is opened in every village. Secondary schools are run by the Zilla Parishad and Private Management . To some extent Post Graduate, D.Ed. and B.Ed Educational Institutions are also run by the Private Management . District Institute of Education and Trainings is run by the State Government.

Most of the Ashram Schools, Post Basic Ashram Schools and Private Ashram Schools are run in this district by Govt. and Private Managements

The following tables shows no. of Primary Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Govt. Ashram Schools are running in the district.

No. of Schools, Colleges and Ashram Schools in the district

Sr. No. Category  Total Nos. Total Intake Capacity
1 Primary Schools 1380 127075
2 High Schools 196 88396
3 Senior Colleges 22 4000
4 Govt. Ashram Schools    

Names of the Degree Colleges, Polytechnic, B.Ed. and D.Ed Institutions along with Courses available are given as follows;

Arts, Commerce, Science and Social Science Colleges

Sr. No. Name of College, Address And Telephone Nos. Courses Available Phone No.
1 Government Science College, Chamorshi Road , Gadchiroli B.Sc. (Mathematics) 
B.Sc. (Biology)
07132 33589
2 Shivaji Mahavidyalay, Dhanora Road, Gadchiroli B.A. B.Com. 07132 32944
3 Mahila Mahavidyalay, Dhanora Road, Gadchiroli. B.A. B.Com ,
M.A.(Marathi )
07132 33453
4 Kar. Dadasaheb Deotale Arts & Commerce, College, Chamorshi B.A. ,B.Com. 0712 35072
5 Raje Dharmrao Science College, Aheri Dist. Gadchiroli B.Sc. 07133 72067


Raje Dharmrao Arts & Commerce, College, Nagepalli (Allapalli), Ta. Aheri B.A., B.Com. 07133 66443
7 Shankar Rao Bezalwar Arts & Commerce College, Aheri. B.A., B.Com. 07133 72027
8 Bhagwantrao Arts & Commerce College, Etapalli B.A., B.Com. 07136 23159
9 Van Vaibhav Arts College, Sironcha B.A. 07131 33201
10 Mahatma Gandhi Arts & Commerce College, Armori. B.A., B.Com 07137 66558
11 Adarsh Arts & Commerce Collge, Desaiganj (Wadsa) B.A. , B.Com 07137 72554
12 Shri Govindrao Munghate Arts & Science College Kurkheda. B.A., B.Sc 07139 45475
13 Vanshree Mahavidyalaya, Korchi  B.A., B.Com  
14 Arts & Commerce College, Dhanora B.A., B.Com. 07138 54057
15 Mahatma Jyotiba Fule Arts & Commerce College, Ashti. Ta. Chamorshi    07135 44115
16 Raje Dharmrao Arts & Commerce Collge, Mulchera B.A., B.Com. 07135 71017
17 Fule Ambedkar Social Science College,Mul Road, Gadchiroli B.S.W. , M.S.W. 07132 32035
19 Aniket Social Science College, Wadsa (Desaiganj) B.S.W., M.S.W.  
20 Raje Dharmrao Law College, Gadchiroli L.L.B.  

D.Ed, B.Ed., B.P.Ed. and M.Ed. Colleges

Sr. No. Name of College, Address And Telephone Nos. Courses Available Total Student Capacity
1 District Institute of Education & Training (DIET), Indala, MIDC Area, Gadchiroli- 442605 Ph. No. 07132 33871 D. Ed. 40
2 Bhagwantrao Adhyapak Vidyalaya, Chamorshi Road, Gadchiroli - 442605 Ph. No. 07132 33780 D. Ed. 30
3 Sainath Adhyapak Vidyalaya, Mul Road, Gadchiroli - 442605 Ph. No. 07132 33052 D. Ed. 30
4 Dharmrao Raje Adhyapak Vidyalaya, Aheri Ta. Aheri. Dist. Gadchiroli Ph. No. D. Ed. 30
5 Mahesh Saokar Poreddiwar Adhyapak Vidyalaya, Dhanora. Ph. No. 07138 54134 D.Ed. 40
6 Van Vaibha Shikshan Sanstha's Adhyapak Vidyalay, Bhamragad Dist. Gadchiroli - Ph.No. D. Ed. 50
7 Ad. S.N. Ganguwar Adhyapak Mahavidyalaya, Shivaji College Campus, Gadchiroli - 442605 Ph. No. 07132 33453 B. Ed. 60
8 Saibaba Adhyapak Mahavidyalaya, Mul Road, Gadchiroli -442605 Ph. No.  B. Ed.

M. Ed.





Bhagwantrao Gaikwad Adhyapak Mahavidyalaya, Aheri. Dist. Gadchiroli. Ph.No. B. Ed. 60
10 Saibaba Sharirik Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Gadchiroli - 442605 Ph. No. 07132 33467 B.P.Ed. 60
11 Bhagwantrao Sharirik Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Aheri. Ph. No. 07133 72076 B.P.Ed. 60

Polytechnic, Engineering Colleges

District has only one Government Polytechnic. It is located at Indala Village which is 5 Km away from the Gadchiroli city. The no. of courses are being run at the Polytechnic are given in the following table.

Sr. No. Name of College, Address And Telephone Nos. Courses Available Total Student Capacity
1 Government Polytechnic, Indala , MIDC Area, Gadchiroli - 442605 Ph. No. 07132 33587 Dip. In Civil Engg.
Dip. In Mech.Engg.
Dip. In Ele. Engg.
Dip. In Elect. Engg

Namdeorao Poreddiwar College of Engineering Gadchiroli

District has only one degree engineering college is established at Bodali village along Dhanora road. The collge is run by private educational institute and is 7 k.m. away from Gadchiroli city.

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya is run by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. Of India is situated at Ghot in Mulchera Taluka. It is 80 K.m. away from the Gadchiroli city and 17 K.m. away from Chamorshi.


The Govt. of Maharashtra has granted to establish Gondwana University at Gadchiroli for spreading educational enevirnment and promoting higher, technical education in the remote, tribal district of Maharshtra State.Accordingly, Gondwavana University is established at Gadchiroli and started it's functioning. The educational institutions in Gadchiroli and Chandrapur district of Maharashtra state are under the coming under the jurdiction of university.

गोंडवाना विद्यापीठ गडचिरोली संकेतस्थळ (http://gondwana.digitaluniversity.ac)

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