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Gadchiroli District - Physical Features of Land

Physical Features of the District

Geographically, Vainganga Khore is one of the particular area in this district. Gadchiroli, Armori, Chamorshi, Aheri and Sironcha talukas are covered under this area.

The major area of the district is having undulating topography on large scale. Except a narrow strip along Godavari and Pranhita rivers.

Main physio-graphic features of the district are the Sirkonda, Bhamragad, Aheri and Dandkaranya hill ranges with high to moderate relief.

The low land of the district shows rolling topography with isolated hillrocks.

The main river basin of the district is Godavari which borders the southern boundary of the district and flows West to East. The major sub-basins of the Godavari are Pranhita sub-basins which is given name after the confluence of two major sub-basins ie Wainganga and Wardha River near Chaprala village of Chamorshi Taluka; and Indravati sub-basin. The Sub-tributaries of these two sub-basins show a network of parallel drainage pattern.

The eastern part of district ie Dhanora, Etapalli, Aheri and Sironcha talukas are some what higher part of district and are covered by thick forest. Hills are located in the area of Bhamaragad, Tipagad, Palasgad and Surjagad in the district.

The predominant soil cover in the district is clay, clay-gravel, sandy loam, deep black soil, reddish & yellowish brown soils on hill slopes, brown & gray soils of plains and laterite & lateritic soil.

Land Use Pattern

Total Geographical area of Gadchiroli district is 14412.0 Sq.Km. Out of this area, 11694.0 Sq.Km. i.e.78.40 % of the land is included in the reserve or protected forest category. Out of the remaining area, only 1960.0 Sq.Km. of the land is under cultivation and constitutes only 13.14 % of the total land of the district.

Inhabited Area 1028.0 Sq.Km ( 6.89 %)
Agriculture Area 1960.0 Sq.Km ( 13.14 %)
Industrial Area 2.0 Sq.Km ( 0.02%)
Forest Cover 11694.0 Sq.Km (78.40%)
Wastelands 231.0 Sq.Km (1.55%)
Drought Prone Area Nil

(Source is District Statistical Office, Gadchiroli)

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